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Heated Seats

Many vehicles are coming from factory now with built in bluetooth. Thats because it will soon be the law that all vehicles must have it. There are many things to gain from having bluetooth in your vehicle, like audio streaming. Now you will be able to connect any bluetooth device and play music from it as well as the added safty of hands free calling. Many types of units are avalible including direct link units that use your factoy radio display and controls.



 Please contact for a quote and options


Nothing is quite like getting into your car on a very cold day and having your seats nice and toasty warm. The perfect companion to a remote starter, Heated seats can be installed in any vehicle, cloth or leather. Each of the front seats will receive a heating element on both the bottom and back of the seat. There will be a round switch (normally mounted on the side of the seat) that has high, low and off settings. When paired with a remote starter, just leave it in the high position and your seats willl warm up as your car does. Heated seats are alos a great addition for people who have Lower Back Problems.


$300 + tax installed for both front seats.

Its nice to know whats behind you. We have kits that are an exact fit as the factory. For example, 2014 F-150 with the factory camera in the emblem or Dodge Ram with it in the tail gate handle. We have them. In most cases a replacment rear view mirror as pictured is used with the option to retain onstar or add compass and temp display. In some cases we can send the rear view signal to your factory screen and have it switch when put into reverse. There are more basic options that add a external display and licence plate mount cameras are avalible if there is no factory style option. This can be very usefull on heavy equipment.


Please contact for a quote and options.

Backup Camera

Vehicle Safety: To improve your experience and enjoy your ride. 


Wanted a certain feature but didn't want to pay the high package price from the dealer to get it. You can still have that feature you wanted at a fraction of the cost from the dealer and still maintain your factory warranty. You may be looking to make your vehicle more comfertable in the winter, add entertainment for the kinds on those long drives or simply make it safer by adding bluetooth or reversing asist.

Remote Starters
Backup Sensors

Backup Sensors are a cost effective solution for reversing and park assist. In most applications (given there is space) 4 sensors are placed in the rear bumper, which can be color matched to your vehicle, that used microwave technology to tell you how far away an object is. The system alerts you in two ways. you will here a audiable "beep" the gets fast as the object gets closer. When you are 1 foot away from impact the beep becomes constant meening stop. You also get a display that mounts eigher to the side of the dash next to your side view mirror or ontop of your rear view mirror. However, location is up to you. This display shows you the distance in feet or meters from an object.


$250 + Tax installed for 4 black sensors. Please contact for painted.

Remote starters of today (in most cases) are integrating with your vehices data system and telling it to start, not making it start like in the past, causing no damage! With some vehicles you can even use your factory keyless entry remote to start your car after installation. Adding a remote starter to your vehicle is a great way to increase your overall experience of driving. Easy Snow removal, then when your done brushing off the snow, its already blowing warm air so you can warm up instead of continuing to freeze as you drive away. By Adding Heated Seats as well as a remote starter you get the best overall winter driving experience.


Prices starting at $210 + Tax with the average vehicle at $310 + Tax installed.


Are you planning a driving vacation with the kids or frequently make long trips? If your do then you already know what a video entertainment system could do for you. What you may not know is how little it costs. The unit uses a 10" LCD screen with a built in DVD player. It mounts to your roof and has built in dome lights to replace the factory ones if they get removed. The unit has a SD card reader, USB drive and input for a gaming devise. The kit comes with 2 wireless headphones but can also play the sound through factory radio. It comes in 3 different colors to match your facroty interior.


$580 + Tax installed and has a 1 year warranty

Having indash Navigation is fantastic. You could be driving in an unfamiliar part of town, jammin' to your tunes, then, "in 400 meters turn left". You didnt have to fumble with your phone, trying to use the GPS on it, with your music turned off so you can hear the quiet voice coming from your phone. The Map is right in front of you with the radio or ipod sourced in the back ground. Easy, safe and stress free. But with a navigation radio you will also gain bluetooth, iphone/andriod integration, and better sound quality. Oh, you have that with your Ford Sync or similar factory system but just want Nav. Your Factory features will all remain functional and work with the new radio. Your steering wheel controls will still work as well. What you will gain with Sync and similar systems when adding a aftermarket Navigation radio is on screen vehicle diagnostics, acceleration, braking, G force the list goes on. It is incredible what can be done.


Please call or email for pricing and options.

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