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Not so basic Remote Starters!



Our basic remote starter uses the Crimestopper brand Cool Start. This is what most people are after for a remote starter. The unit comes with 2 remotes with up to 2000 ft of range. It can control your power door locks, power trunk release, rear defrost, wait to start for diesel vehicles, car finder (honks the horn) and starts the car. These units are very reliable and people seem to love them. They come with a 1 year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on the install.


$335 + Tax installed. This gives you Power Door Lock control, Remote Trunk Release, car finder and Start. Rear defrost is an extra $30 and power sliding doors is $50 for both sides. Other options are availible.


Data Everything




Compustar is one of the top remote start and alarm companies in the world. They have teamed up with ADS (the worlds top bypass and integration company) to form a seamless and wireless comunication between starter and bypass. This allows for more control of the features of your vehicle through the remote starter. It can tell you the internal temperature of your car at anytime, great if you take your pets shopping with you. They also have the option to add a cellular device that allows you to start, controll the locks, track and monitor your vehicle from anywhere in the world with cellular coverage.


Please call or email for pricine and options.

Complete Intagration




ADS (Automotive Data Solutions) is the Bypass/Vehicle integration company I chose to use. They are made in Canada with all researce and development done in Quebec. Over the years we have used all the other companies and ADS is the only choice  for the most vehicle coverage, reliability and ease of install.


The unit connects directly to your vehicles data system and controls all funtions through it. It really is just like adding a computer to your vehicle that talks to the remote starter, which is also done through data. This means that you will not lose a key to install a remote starter anymore (there are some exceptions) and all the factory funtions remain the same.

Remote Starters that won't void your warranty!


Remote starters of today (in most cases) are integrating with your vehices data system and telling it to start, not making it start like in the past, causing no damage! With some vehicles you can even use your factory keyless entry remote to start your car after installation.

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