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Car Audio

      Add To Factory


With todays new vehicles coming with features like bluetooth, Nav and voice activation, chances are that you would wish to keep your factory set up. But that does not mean you can't upgrade the sound. Adding a sub woofer to any system is the first step to better sound. it doesn't need to be a "ground pounder" of a system, but just a small sub/amp combo will greatly enhance your listening and driving experience. Even a Small system can fill in the missing link in your music, no matter what you are listening to, and help all your other speakers sound better while doing it.  

      Upgrade Your Speakers

If you like your music loud like I do, then a speaker upgrade is a must. Factory speakers are not made to compete with monster sub woofer system. They start to distort at about 3/4 volume, after that they are making your music sound muffled and are on their way to blowing up. The simple solution is to use a X-over to prevent them from playing the low notes. Factory radios do not have this feature, so add an amp to even your factory speakers will make your system perform better and give them more control. But ultimatly, replacing them will increase the overall responce and feel of the music.

      Sub Woofer

A sub woofer system can range from just a single 6.5" 100 watt Bazzoka tube to a monster 20,000 watt multiple sub animal that can literally take your breath away. A sub woofer system is what people first think of when they think car audio. The proper match of amp and sub is critical. Simply using the given wattage of a sub and amp to match components is inaccurate. Comparing two 800 watt amps side by side with the same subs will demonstate with. Same goes for the subs. A 2000 Watt sub does not mean to through that kind of power at it and you'll be fine. You'll probably have a blown sub. A professional's input is the best way to go. I am always happy to awnser questions.

      Car Audio is our passion. I have been installing for over 15 years and have built many custom vehicles. Fiberglass, plexiglass and custom trim installs are my specialty. I beleive that the install should look like it was ment to be there. Even if it's just a basic system, the wiring needs to be hidden, what can be seen sould be pleasing to the eye. This is the difference you will see in all our work. 


          Custom Audio


I specialize in building all types of systems, but if output is what your after a custom box is a must. A box that is tuned specifically to your vehicle and the subs you have chosen will give you the best sound and highest SPL possible. I only build boxes, you wont find a pre-fab box here. I build them for close to the same price as a pre-fab, this makes it easier to justify a custom set up and you will be happier in the end. 


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